Are you unhappy in your job? Feel hopeless and unenthused about going to work? Its never too late to begin your career in IT. its time to develop your future and invest in yourself. There’s a common misconception about IT that the older you get the less chance you have of understanding and getting to grips with the new tech. Thanks to the advancement of online learning there are more resources than ever to develop the skills needed to enter a new industry.

Be in high demand

Employers are consistently reporting to us that they are struggling to find the right talent to fill positions. This has created a huge demand for skilled professionals in IT. They are looking for candidates with the right level of knowledge to do the role efficiently, this is not restricted to a particular age group. By ensuring you have the skills employers in the industry are looking for, you become the perfect applicant. 

Sustainable industry

Changing careers and entering a tech profession, brings you into a sustainable industry. The tech industry is rapidly expanding with no signs of stopping. Proving yourself to be a valuable expert in this field brings job security.

Gaining vital experience and knowledge within an IT role-plays massively to your own advantage. A report by Burning Glass Technologies for the UK government found that by entering a role that requires specific digital skills.

New obstacles

If you’ve found yourself in a role that feels stagnant and monotonous, taking on a fresh challenge is a great way to bring job satisfaction into your life. Consider what kind of environment you would thrive in, and explore an IT role that would take you there. 

A career change should bring you more of what you love so it is important to do your research. Continue to put yourself and your career goals first, no matter your age. If you need a career change for any reason, IT will have something that suits you. Our career consultants are experts at finding the right career path for you, within IT, no matter what your background is.

Begin your career 

  • IT Support

With companies relying on their computing systems working efficiently, starting your career in IT can ensure you obtain a highly valued position in any company. The role involves a varied amount of skills including technical analysis and the creativity of problem-solving.

  • Networking 

Computer networking is the process of setting up, developing and maintaining computer networks. You’ll be working with a variety of hardware, software and networks that will be important wherever your networking career leads you. The basics will enter you into the role of network technician and the advanced could see you as an information systems manager.

  • Cybersecurity 

With the constant threat of data breaches, starting a career in cybersecurity is more manageable than ever. It’s such a rewarding job role, with the ability to use both analytical and creative traits to solve problems. With a 0% unemployment rate you are guaranteed a job role fast once you have the necessary skills. From support engineer to ethical hacker the roles come with great salaries and job satisfaction.

What can we do?

At IT Career Swap we will help you begin your career in IT, starting with a phone call we will help you obtain all the skills you need to and a guaranteed job interview in a field you are interested in. all of our learning is online so you can fit it into your schedule and we will be with you every step of the way.

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