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The IT Career Swap Process

Step 1: Consultation

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Step 2 : Online Studying

All courses are delivered online, meaning you will be able to access the materials at any time, 24/7 for the one year that your course is active. This package will build you through the fundamentals of Penetration Testing including Pentesting in Metasploit & Pentest+ and then delving deeper into what it means to be a Penetration Tester with Threat Intelligence & Offensive Bash Scripting.

Step 3: Practical Placement – LiveLabs

Once you have completed your online training modules its time to get some hands on experience.

Live-Lab is real computer equipment networked together and conveniently accessible over the internet.

Our hosted platforms are configured to imitate real world configurations by providing sufficient hardware not only to carry out tasks, but also test the impact of those changes

Step 4: Exams

You will get a choice of up to 4 exams to complete and become globally certified in, with the guidance of your mentor you’ll be best prepared for your new role in Penetration Testing. Even more so, with our certification guarantee.

Step 5: Certification Guarantee

Our certification guarantee is a great feature for those looking to achieve their official CompTIA and/or other industry recognised certificates. With our platform, you can retake your exams as many times as it takes to get certified. This means that you don‘t have to worry about the cost or time associated with retaking exams, allowing you to focus on learning and mastering the material. Our certification guarantee is a great way to ensure that you have the best chance of passing and getting certified.


Which of these courses would be the best starting point for my studies?

We recommend starting your studies with the CompTIA A+ course, as it will provide you with the basic knowledge that is essential when starting an IT career.

What is a Live Lab?

A Live Lab consists of computer equipment that you are able to access and manipulate through your browser. You will have the ability to work with real switches, servers and routers in order to gain valuable practical experience.

Do you offer finance?

Yes and at 0%, all you do is choose a payment plan to suit your financial needs with our easy, monthly payment options over 12 months.

Core Learning

This package will help you to build a full understanding of many factors within cyber security:

Pentesting in Metasploit

Real-world penetration testing using the Metasploit Framework, from recon to post-exploitation.

In this learning path, you will study how a professional penetration leverages a wide array of common and sometimes underutilized capabilities built into the Metasploit Framework to complete a real-world penetration test against a fictional target. Beginner and intermediate concepts demonstrated are mapped to each phase of a typical penetration test (reconnaissance, network profiling and scanning, system exploitation, post-exploitation and lateral movement).

Pentest+ (2022 Update)

The latest Pentest+ training. This path is the perfect mixture of lecture, labs and what Keatron is most known for, in-depth demonstrations. Find out why this world renowned cybersecurity expert is among the most demanded in the world.

This path is a perfect mixture of demonstration, and lectures, and detailed walk-throughs of all concepts. You will learn everything from the very basics such as what the CIA triad is and how it applies to penetration testing, all the way to something as in depth as detailed walkthroughs of how to write exploits from scratch.

EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker v11 (2021 Update)

Prepare to become a certified ethical hacker with a combination of demonstrations, lectures and walkthroughs.

Explore certified ethical hacking. This path is a perfect mixture of demonstration, lectures, and detailed walkthroughs of all concepts. You will learn everything from the very basics, such as what the CIA triad is and how it applies to penetration testing, all the way to something as in-depth as how to write exploits from scratch.

Advanced Adversary Tactics

Learn the techniques and tactics used by real-world adversaries.

The Advanced Adversary Tactics path will be updated regularly to include new content. Completing the path will give you hands-on experience with a wide variety of different techniques that will allow you to identify and understand adversarial tactics and techniques. By carrying out attack methods, you’ll be able to identify how attackers think and move through networks. By the end you’ll know how attackers set up cloned websites, establish persistence with trojanized binaries, pivot through networks, and much more.

Cloud Pentesting

Learn the basics of penetration testing in the cloud.

Get hands-on understanding and experience penetration testing in the Azure and AWS cloud environments, practicing a wide range of techniques including open source intelligence, metadata abuse, post-exploitation information gathering, lateral movement, and more.

Python for Pentesters

Take an in-depth look at Python for penetration testers.

In this learning path, we will begin by covering the basics of Python programming. This includes variables, loops, conditionals, exception handling and more. Next, we will explore some of the common vulnerabilities that Python can exploit. Moving on from common exploits, we will dive into using Python for network penetration testing: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), scanning networks, building a Windows domain controller with Active Directory and attacking it with various Python hacking tools. Finally, we will learn how to use Python to attack web applications.

Web Application Pentesting

Learn the essentials for becoming a web app pentester.

The first course in the learning path covers workstation setup, including installation and configuration of Burp Suite with the Firefox web browser. Certificate installation and proxy configurations are covered in order to allow newcomers to start pentesting immediately. The second course makes up the bulk of this learning path and focuses on the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities. Many real-world vulnerabilities are showcased for each of the ten topics and various demos are given on how to solve related challenges in both OWASP Juice Shop and Portswigger’s Web Security Academy. The third course covers a variety of pentesting tools and Burp extensions such as Turbo Intruder, Intruder File Payload Generator, SQLMap and many more. The fourth course closes out the learning path with pentesting advice, a path recap and a look at the final project.

Threat Modeling

Learn about threat modeling with Rapid Threat Model Prototyping (RTMP).

Threat modeling is a process to identify security weaknesses in software design and architecture. In this path, you will explore five courses, starting with a background and top-level view of threat modeling. The second course will describe three core security frameworks that can be used with threat modeling to find threats and mitigations. The third course covers the “moving parts,” or elements of a threat model and their relationship with each other. The fourth course covers the basics of threat modeling, the fifth course introduces secure agile architecture concepts, and the sixth is a lab bringing it all together.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Learn repeatable, documentable cyber threat hunting methodologies.

This learning path teaches you the necessary skills to becoming a successful threat hunter. As you progress through six courses, you’ll build core hunting skills such as intelligence gathering, investigation techniques and remediation methods. Upon completion, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to carry out cyber threat hunting activities with an organization that will ultimately deliver proactive defenses against possible debilitating data compromise.

Elective Learning

This package will help you to evolve your understanding of many factors within cyber security:

Threat Intelligence

The Threat Intelligence learning path allows you to master the concept of threat intelligence, from intelligence analysis to building a threat intelligence program.

This learning path provides an introduction to threat intelligence with theoretical, practical and hands-on fundamentals giving students a path towards professional intelligence analysis. As you progress through the courses you will learn tools and techniques used to turn information into intelligence, apply threat intelligence methodologies and learn about threat actors.

Offensive Bash Scripting

Learn one of the many fundamental skills of ethical hacking.

In this path, you’ll explore the details of Bash scripting for offensive security. This course will teach you how to create a virtual lab using VirtualBox as a hypervisor, and Kali Linux as a virtual machine. From there, we will cover the fundamentals of scripting in Bash and Python too! This course will culminate in the utilization of Bash scripting to scan a network, find and enumerate a target, exploitation and privilege escalation.

Machine Learning for Red Team Hackers

Learn the various techniques used in hacking machine learning.

Learn the ins and outs of hacking machine learning. The learning path covers topics such as hacking a CAPTCHA system, fuzzing a target, evading malware detection and attacking machine learning systems. You will also learn about deepfakes and how to perform backdoor attacks on machine learning.

Mobile Application Pentesting

Learn how to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in mobile apps.

This learning path focuses on building your mobile application penetration testing skills. As you progress through four courses, you’ll learn about the tools and techniques used to pentest iOS and Android apps, including reverse engineering and analyzing mobile apps, and exploiting those apps via runtime manipulation, URL schemes, side channel data leakage, broken cryptography and more. Upon completion, you’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully carry out a penetration test against mobile applications.

Advanced Cybersecurity Concepts

Learn about reverse engineering malware, ethical hacking, and Web app pen testing.

This learning path gives you an overview of several advanced security concepts. As you progress through four courses, you’ll learn about assembly language, system-level reversing, penetration testing methodologies, working with Linux, common Web application threats, popular security frameworks and how they help manage risk, and more. Upon completion, you’ll have a general understanding of some of the key security concepts needed to take your career and skills to the next level.

Certified Mobile and Web App Penetration Tester (CMWAPT)

Learn the skills required for conducting security tests of mobile and Web apps.

This learning path builds your penetration testing skills and prepares you to earn your Certified Mobile and Web App Penetration Tester (CMWAPT) certification. As you progress through nine courses tied to the CMWAPT exam domains, you’ll build your skills around using pentesting methodologies and tools to conduct tests on Web and mobile apps and assess their security. Upon completion, you’ll be prepared to earn your CMWAPT certification and validate your pentesting knowledge.

Certified Expert Penetration Tester (CEPT)

Learn advanced hacking tools and techniques.

This learning path builds on your ethical hacking knowledge and skills by teaching you how to write and create exploits. As you progress through six courses, you’ll learn advanced reconnaissance techniques and stealth strategies, manual and automated techniques for discovering vulnerabilities, how to write exploits, how to use Metasploit’s interchangeable payloads and remote commands, and more. Upon completion, you’ll have increased confidence in your penetration testing skills and the knowledge of exploit creation needed to take your cybersecurity career to the next level.

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Guaranteed Finance on all of our courses! Book a call now.

Book the call that will change your life now! It only takes 30 seconds

Step 1: Pick the date and time that best suits you.

Step 2: Enter your details and click confirm.

Step 3: We’ll call you at your chosen date and time to see if you qualify.

Want to speak sooner? Call us on 0203 982 7573

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