Are you currently working in the IT industry wondering how to get a better understanding of cybersecurity? Or maybe you’re looking to make a career move into this interesting branch of IT.

So let’s start with what Cybersecurity is, essentially it is the practice of securing systems against cyber attacks. These attacks are aimed at interrupting business networks in order to access private information which can be used in a fashion that is illegal. Due to this, effective cybersecurity measures are essential in protecting companies from these attacks in order to avoid a loss of money, time and overall reputation. Along with the growing demand for cyber professionals, the industry is lacking in qualified persons with alone expecting a shortage of 350,000.

What do all of these terms mean?

There are a number of terms and jargon associated with cybersecurity, so let’s take you through  what they all mean:

Network Security: Network security refers to securing a network from cyber hackers who are out to steal company data and put network systems at risk.

Information Security: Information security deals with protecting information whilst it is potentially stored or transferred between businesses.

Disaster Recovery: Unlike other areas who deal with preventing attacks, disaster recovery concerned with dealing with how companies recover and move on after an attack.

Operational Security: Operational security is people based and deals with educating those using the network, it may also be known as risk management as it involved with weighing up and aiming to minimise risks within an organisation.

What do I need to get into cyber security?

In regards to soft skills, effective communication, the ability to work well under pressure and a keen eye for detail are vital. If that sounds just like you, then all you need is a professional qualification. Our IT Cyber Security is an online course to help you master the advanced techniques required to protect network resources from the external threat. The IT cybersecurity bundle consists of three courses, each designed to address real-world challenges. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, apply here today!

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