The top transferable skills you need for career longevity in tech

There have been declines recently in individuals entering and looking to keep careers in traditional industries. With rising opportunities in the tech world, this would explain why the top career change was from traditional industries to tech.

If you are thinking that a career in tech is for you to consider the following: 

What skills have I built up over the years in my professional life? How can I make these skills work for me in a tech career?

Transferable skills

Here are some key skills and examples of how they can be transferred to tech to make sure you are in the right career!

Leadership: This is a skill that will help you become a great tech expert. Having the ability to lead a team successfully is a quality that recruiters always look for!

Interpersonal skills: Another important one for the tech industry. Working in tech isn’t a one-man band and you’ll need to be able to confidently work in a team. 

Problem-solving: If you stumble across a broken bit of code that is hindering your progress or you’re an ethical hacker navigating your way through an organisations network to find any signs of a weakness in the system, this is a skill that you must have! 

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Time management: Whether you’re working in-house for an organisation or you’re a contract freelancer working with a number of clients, you’ll need time management skills to deliver on time.

Creativity: You don’t have to be solely technically minded to enter a career in tech. If you are creative you can work in a number of roles. 

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A career swap to tech is something that is within reach if you are unsure about if it is for you get in touch with us for some advice!

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