If you are wondering whether you have what it takes to succeed in the world of technology, in this blog, we’ll take you through a range of skills both hard and soft which could help you in your route to success.

Hard Skills (Measurable and teachable abilities)

Problem Solving: This skill is a must-have as you’ll most likely be dealing with software updates and network issues so staying agile is a must.

CompTIA: CompTIA are international leaders in IT certifications and obtaining these will help to qualify you as a Tech expert not only in the UK but across the world. You’ll be prepared for official CompTIA certifications with examinations which will help to prepare you to troubleshoot and solve problems.

Pro Certifications: The world of Tech requires very specific skills to develop specific jobs and even a masters degree in Cybersecurity has not equipped the workforce with the tools needed to get the job done which is where professional certifications come in.

Understanding Tech: Quite simply, the real requirement for understanding tech is to understand tech. This means starting from the very basics all the way to the very specifics of the job. An accredited online course will help you to build a step by step understanding.

Soft Skills (Referred to as intangible/non-technical abilities)

Communication: Strong communication, responsibility, decisiveness and the ability to negotiate are key to succeed in this industry. Due to the digital nature of this industry, any technical issue will result in a loss, which is why communication skills are necessary. Being able to help the end user understand issues or knowledge of how something works or why we do it this way will help ensure cooperation.

At IT Career Swap we give our students the knowledge, tools and experience needed to develop both hard and soft skills to be successful within the Tech industry. To find out more get in touch with our team today!