When your current position just isn’t living up to your expectations anymore and the signs are all there, there’s only one thing left to do; move onto something else.

But before getting into a panic and clicking ‘send’ on a million job applications, take some time to think about why your previous job was no longer working out for you. Were the hours too long? Did you no longer connect with your field of work? Were there unrealistic expectations? Perhaps the road to happiness is an entirely new career path? If so, its time to start investing in yourself.

Once you’ve figured out the path you want to take, take a look at your skills and compare them with current job specs, do you have the skills required? If not there are many ways to retrain and upskill.

At IT Career Swap our courses are guaranteed to give you the skills, training and experience you need to help your CV stand out, giving you the best chance at securing your dream tech job. Once your CV is up to scratch and you’ve aced your applications it’s time to prepare for your interviews. We know that the job spec is important but don’t forget to take some time to really know your own CV. Ahead of time it also might be a good idea to Google the company your interviewing for. How long have they been in business? What is the press saying about them? Don’t be caught off guard regarding questions about the company, always do your research!

Going to late for an interview? Let them know! Explain why you’re late and let them know what time you’ll be there. Don’t forget to apologise profusely. Take a minute to compose yourself and use this situation as an ice breaker, something like ‘thanks for finally having me today!’ a follow-up email to thank your interviewer and apologise is always a nice addition. We all know how stressful interviews can be and your potential employer will also understand that your only human so remember to stay calm. Keep in mind that your interviewer will want you to be the right person for the job!

At IT Career Swap, upon completion of one of our online courses, we will help to re-model your CV and start to find you interviews with our local partners in your area. If you have a question regarding our guaranteed job packages talk to us today.