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Given the current economic circumstances, it’s clear that young people are not going to be attending school for the foreseeable future. We’ve seen a high number of concerned parents, looking for a way for their children to spend their time productively and wanted to introduce you to the world of online learning and the tech industry.

The benefits of online learning

  • Accessibility

A top benefit of online learning is that all you need is the internet and a connected device. You can begin your studies. With advancements in technology, learning platforms are far more intelligent. This allows students to be in control of how they learn.

  • Flexibility

You complete your training on your schedule. This flexibility allows young people to work when they feel at their most productive and outside other commitments. To put it simply, online learning fits around your lifestyle.

  • Learning style

Classroom-based learning just isn’t for everyone. At IT Career Swap we believe that online learning allows you to fit it around your lifestyle. You are in control of your learning, the timescale and the pace. You are in complete control of the situation.

  • Sustainable industry

It’s rare to find a job that doesn’t require technical skills in the current job market. Learning professional digital skills is vital and allows you to enter a sustainable industry. With 2019 setting a new record of over £10 billion being invested into UK tech companies, this fast-growing industry shows no signs of slowing down.

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