The importance of the internet is hard to ignore in today’s day and age, it will affect almost everyone’s day to day lives in one way or another, but the majority of the world rely on it daily. Almost anything can be done online, which means that if you aren’t using it in your job (you probably are), then you are most likely using it in your personal life.

Everyone has come to realise that the internet is not just a phase, it is here to stay; even the senior citizens have come to terms with it. Not only that, but the elderly generation are also learning to use it, and understanding the benefits of it! Statistics show us that the older generation is becoming more connected to the internet and that they are using it regularly.

70% of citizens aged 65 and over are making the use of the world wide web on a daily basis, as well as this, they are spending an average of 27 hours a week surfing online. These statistics prove that the elderly generation is making the most of the internet, with 42% of over 65s having a smartphone, which has increased from 18% in just 5 years.

The older generation is not using the internet much differently from the younger generations, in fact, research tells us that they are using it for these online activities:

  • Watching videos
  • Keeping in touch with family and friends
  • Sending and reading emails
  • Making use of social media
  • Getting health and medical information
  • Getting information on personal interests
  • Reading the news
  • Conducting banking transactions
  • Staying updated on political policies

One of the most surprising things is that the elderly generation is using the internet mainly to use social media. This is a positive sign that shows us that social media really is for everyone, even if people use it at different paces. Social media is an important platform where users find news, information, share their daily experiences, and most importantly, connect with family and friends. As the use of internet adoption has grown amongst this age group, so has their use of social media.

The world wide web is no longer the exclusive domain of young people. The elderly are already making use of it. With advances in technology, it is evident that the percentage of senior citizens that use the world wide web is only going to increase.

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