With cyber attacks, crime and hacks on the rise, more hands are needed to help tackle the issue. According to research, it’s predicted that cyber crime will cost the world in excess of $6 trillion annually by 2021. So if you think it’s time for a career change, there isn’t a better time to go down the path of Cyber Security and if you’re already working within the IT industry it may be time to brush up on your skills.

Firstly let’s talk about the rising crime. Transport network company Uber is just one business which has been affected. The Cyber Threat to UK Business 2017-18 report stated that Uber’s security breach affected 57 million accounts globally, including both riders and drivers. The compromised information of this security breach included names, phone numbers, email addresses and even driving license details. So if our everyday taxi journey is a potential risk, it’s clear that more needs to be done to protect our data.

A report showed that there was a 91% increase of attack attempts on businesses in 2017 however along with this increase in cyber crime research has also suggested that there is an estimated global shortage of 2 million cyber security professionals, it’s clear that there’s no better time to take your first steps into the industry or if your already working in the cyber sec industry it’s a great time to upskill and take on a new exciting position.

If you’re starting to consider a career in cyber security, let’s take a look at the skills you may need. CompTIA is a globally recognised certification and will essentially lay the foundations for you in this growing field, it will help you to enhance your skill set by examining access control, identity management and cryptography. In addition to CompTIA, Cisco training is suitable for computer technicians and specialists at entry level, associates level and professional level and can provide you with a rich curriculum, covering networking fundamentals, WAN technologies and basic security concepts to help put you ahead of the IT crowd in an entry-level position.

At IT Career Swap our exclusive Cyber Security package will build you step by step into the professional that businesses around the world are keen to employ. This package will also take you through a range of courses including CompTIA’s core syllabus and Cisco’s networking technologies. If you have a question regarding our Cyber Security Package course, contact us today!

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