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Are you a tech enthusiast looking to kickstart your career in the UK? With the tech sector experiencing significant growth and innovation, there are plenty of opportunities available for aspiring professionals. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best UK cities for tech jobs, taking into account factors such as job market, industry diversity, and cost of living. Whether you’re interested in cyber security, data analytics, or artificial intelligence, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover the top tech hubs in the UK!

Belfast: A Rising Star in the Tech World

Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the UK. With a thriving digital tech community and a lower cost of living compared to other cities, Belfast offers a promising environment for tech professionals. 

The city boasts a high concentration of tech startups, with three-quarters of the workforce employed in the tech sector. From software development to IT support and business analysis, Belfast provides a wide range of job opportunities.

Leeds: A Tech Hub on the Rise

Leeds, located in northern England, is experiencing rapid growth in its tech and digital sectors. With a lower cost of living compared to major cities like London and Manchester, Leeds offers an attractive option for tech professionals looking to start their careers. 

The city hosts various tech events, including the renowned Leeds Digital Festival, which attracts startups and enthusiasts from all over the country. With competitive wages and an increasing demand for IT and data analytics resources, Leeds is a top choice for tech job seekers.

London: The Tech Capital of Europe

According to Tech Nation, there are over 300,000 tech jobs in London and over 7,500 start-ups. In 2017, tech companies in London raised £2.45 billion in investment, which accounted for around 80% of all of the UK’s tech funding.

With an average tech salary of £61,800, the UK’s capital is home to no less than thirteen billion-dollar tech companies, including BenevolentAI, Blippar, Deliveroo, TransferWise, and Funding Circle. Fintech and eCommerce jobs tend to be the most frequently advertised roles in the city.

Birmingham: A Blooming Fintech Hub

Birmingham, known for its thriving fintech sector, offers a range of job opportunities for tech professionals. With companies like Deutsche Bank and Oxygen Finance, the city has witnessed accelerated tech growth. 

The city hosts tech events and meetups, such as Birmingham Tech Week and Silicon Canal, fostering a vibrant tech ecosystem. The mobile gaming and e-gaming sectors are also expanding, creating employment opportunities in app development and data analytics.

With a burgeoning fintech industry, Birmingham is home to companies like Deutsche Bank and Oxygen Finance. More than 38,000 people work in the tech industry in the city, which is home to over 6,000 tech companies.

Birmingham has an average tech salary of £43,718. One of the city’s most recent tech developments is Silicon Canal, an initiative that supports the tech community through meetups and other events.

Cambridge: The Hub of Innovation

Cambridge, one of the leading tech cities in the UK, is renowned for its world-class universities and startup culture. The city attracts potential tech companies, taking advantage of the network of angel investors.

Cambridge-based companies received a staggering $5.3 billion investment, second only to London in the UK. Established companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon have set up labs and offices in Cambridge, making it an excellent place for job seekers interested in artificial intelligence, data science, and gaming. 

Manchester: The Fastest-Growing City in the UK

Manchester, the fastest-growing city in the UK, is emerging as a major tech hub. With initiatives like Manchester Digital, Tech North, and Manchester Tech Trust, the city offers a wide range of job opportunities in the digital and tech sectors. While the cost of living may be higher compared to other cities, Manchester provides the largest number of digital and tech jobs outside of London. The city is particularly attractive for job seekers in eCommerce, biotech, and health-tech industries. 

Manchester is one the UK’s largest technology hubs. Home to Media City, which houses companies like the BBC, ITV, and Ericsson, the city has a good balance of established and start-up tech firms. Manchester’s digital sector is worth £2.9 billion to the local economy, and has the largest number of digital jobs outside of London.

With an average tech salary of £47,349, the city tends to advertise jobs in media, eCommerce and biotech.

Edinburgh: A Fintech and Gaming Hub

Edinburgh, the greenest city in the UK, is a thriving hub for fintech and gaming companies. Employers like HSBC Holdings, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Lloyds Banking Group are actively hiring IT professionals. The city also boasts top universities and research locations, fostering innovation and attracting tech enthusiasts. While the cost of living may be high, Edinburgh offers job security and satisfaction in top companies and startups.

Scotland’s capital city has made a name for itself in the fintech and gaming industries. Home to companies like Rockstar North, FreeAgent, Skyscanner, and FanDuel, digital technology is the city’s fastest-growing sector. With over 25,000 digital jobs, and 350+ start-ups, Edinburgh was voted Entrepreneurial City of the Year in 2016.

The city provides several co-working spaces and is home to the UK’s largest technology incubator, CodeBase. With an average tech salary of £52,639, Edinburgh not only offers tech job seekers a good standard of living, but job satisfaction too.

Bristol and Bath: A Hub of Engineering and Innovation

Bristol, known for its excellence in engineering and innovation, is one of the top tech locations in the UK. With major companies like Amazon, Nokia, Sony, and Vodafone, as well as over 430 tech firms, Bristol provides ample employment opportunities for IT professionals. The city is also home to the largest robotics lab in Europe, which offers workspaces for tech companies. With its scenic beauty and active lifestyle, Bristol is an attractive destination for tech professionals. 

Traditionally known for its engineering and innovation, over 60,000 people work in tech in Bristol and Bath. The area tends to advertise data management, software, EdTech, and analytics jobs and has an average tech salary of £47,063.

Bristol is home to the largest robotics lab in Europe and recently saw the opening of Future Space, which provides laboratories and workspaces for tech companies.

Reading: A Hub for Established Multinational Giants

With the second-highest average tech salary in the UK of £53,255, Reading is a popular city for tech job seekers. The city has a digital tech turnover of £12.5 billion and offers over 45,000 tech jobs.

With its roots in science technology and enterprise, Reading is home to several multinational tech companies, including Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Oracle. The city also does well to support tech entrepreneurs with its largest co-working space Grow@GreenPark housing over 300 members.

Wrapping Up: The Future is Bright in the UK Tech Industry

The UK tech industry is thriving, and the above-mentioned cities are at the forefront of this growth. Whether you prefer the bustling tech scene of London or the emerging tech hubs in other cities, there are abundant opportunities for tech professionals. Consider your lifestyle preferences, the cost of living, and the tech industry that aligns with your skills and interests. Take a trip to your top choices and explore the vibrant tech communities they offer. Now is the perfect time to pursue a career in tech. 

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