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When you’re getting ready for a job interview, it’s important to prepare some answers for the questions your interviewer will have about your skills and experience. However, a job interview is also a great time to ask some of your own questions about the position and the company that you’re applying for. 

No matter how qualified you think you are for a role, it’s important to make the most of this opportunity to have a conversation with your potential future employer. In fact, many hiring managers say that they reject applicants who don’t bring any of their own questions to an interview, as this comes across as a sign of disinterest. 

The IT industry is highly competitive, so you’ll need to spend time preparing for your interview to give yourself the best chances of success. But don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Keep reading for our advice on asking the right interview questions that will impress your interviewer, and 5 of our favourite questions you can ask in your next IT interview. 


Tip #1: be confident

It’s normal to feel nervous during a job interview, but it’s important to remind yourself that you wouldn’t have been invited to an interview if the company wasn’t interested in hiring you. Being shy won’t do you any favours – show your interest in the company and the role you’ve applied for, and do your best to leave a good impression on your interviewers. Even something as simple as positive body language and a smile can go a long way!


Tip #2: do your research

Want to know if there are career development opportunities, or if a company offers flexible leave? Some of the most common questions you might want to ask an interviewer might have already been answered in a job description, or elsewhere on the company’s website. 

The more knowledge you have about the company, the better. Try to formulate your questions in a way that shows off your interest, as a few thoughtful questions will help you stand out from other interviewees – but make sure to prepare some back-up questions too, in case these are answered during the interview!


Tip #3: avoid certain topics

Although you might have questions about the salary or holiday allowance, your first interview with a potential employer is generally not the best time to bring them up. While some employers are quite open with this information, others might take offence. Play it safe, and keep your questions focused on the role and company that you’re interviewing for. 


Top questions to ask in an interview

With these tips in mind, here are some questions to ask in an IT interview that are bound to impress a hiring manager:

  • What are the key challenges facing the company at the moment?
    By learning what the ‘pain points’ for a company are, you can tailor your response to show how your skills and experience can resolve any issues and contribute value to the company.

  • How would you measure my success in this role 6-12 months from now?
    This question shows that you’re a motivated worker who will take the job seriously, and will reassure the hiring manager that you’re planning to be with the company for the long run.
  • What career development or training opportunities do you offer?
    Asking this question will also show that you’re planning ahead, and aren’t looking to settle in a role. Companies want to hire people who are motivated and always keen to learn more – especially in the IT industry, where you’ll need to keep up with new developments and technologies on a regular basis.
  • What are this team’s biggest strengths and challenges?
    It’s important to know who you’re going to be working with, and where you might fit into a team or department to improve their current work. Asking to learn more about your potential colleagues will also help you come across as a team player, which is just one of the soft skills you need to have a successful career in IT.
  • What’s your favourite part about working here?
    This question gives the interviewer a chance to talk about themselves, and can offer you a valuable insight into what it’s actually like to work for the company you’ve applied to. It might not be a hard-hitting question, but it’s a great way to build rapport with your interviewer, and it shows that you’re interested in the company culture.


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